Home Insurance With Criminal Convictions

If you have any criminal convictions you may really struggle to find home insurance. Many insurance companies are hesitant to offer home insurance for people with criminal convictions that are “unspent”.

An “unspent” conviction means that the rehabilitation period for the offence committed has not lapsed. Some more serious convictions are never classed as “spent”. You are legally bound to declare any “unspent” convictions when asked to do so on any insurance applications.

Failing to disclose any relevant criminal convictions to your insurance provider can also invalidate your policy meaning that the insurer may not pay out in the event of any claim and you will be out of pocket for the premium that you have paid.

You will find it difficult to take out criminal conviction home insurance even if you have only committed a minor offence. Unfortunately there are a lot of home insurance providers that will simply refuse cover to any applicant with an unspent criminal conviction.

There are millions of people in the UK who are unable to take out home insurance with criminal convictions in their past, meaning that their home and contents are not covered should the worst happen.

There is no easy way around the bans that insurance companies put in place; putting the policy in somebody else’s name (such as a partner or housemate) is not an option because most insurance companies will ask if any person living at the property has unspent convictions.

Is It Possible To Find Home Insurance For People With Convictions?

Fortunately there are some insurance companies that have recognised that there is a demand for “criminal conviction home insurance”. A selection of non-standard home insurance companies exist that specifically deal with home insurance for people with criminal convictions.

You will probably already expect that premiums on home insurance with a criminal conviction will be higher than on a standard policy. Most insurance companies will scale their premiums depending on the severity of your offence and the total number of convictions you have.

Shopping around for insurance is always advisable to make sure that you are getting the best deal, especially if you are looking for a non-standard product such as criminal conviction home insurance. The competition between providers means that you will have the option to get multiple quotes before parting with your money.