Insurance after a driving ban

Banned Driver Insurance

You’re driving ban has just expired and you’ve gone through the necessary steps to get your driver’s license back. You may have had to re-sit your theory and complete your practical driving test again. It’s no surprise, then, that you’re keen to start driving again and get your life back to how it was prior to your driving ban.

There are a variety of reasons that you can be banned ranging from dangerous driving through to drink and drug driving offences. You can also be banned for “totting up” or a “tt99 conviction”, meaning that you have reached or exceeded 12 penalty points on your license.

It’s no secret that car insurance companies are particularly wary when it comes to offering insurance for banned drivers. If you have multiple or serious driving convictions that lead to your disqualification, finding banned driver insurance can be almost impossible.

Any driver that has a ban on their record will always be seen as a higher risk applicant by car insurance firms. This means that statistically you are more likely to be involved in an incident leading to a claim on your policy.

The vast majority of car insurance companies will either not offer insurance to banned drivers or will return premiums that are unfairly high. It is not uncommon to see insurance for banned drivers cost more than double than it did before their driving ban.

Cheap Insurance For Banned Drivers

If you’ve been completed your driving ban, paid your fines and/or even served time in prison for your convictions, we feel that you have already paid the price for your wrongdoings and shouldn’t be extorted for money when looking for banned driver car insurance.

There are an estimated 250,000 drivers disqualified every year in the UK. This means that there is some substantial demand for car insurance for banned drivers. Because there is considerable demand for insurance after a driving ban certain companies specialise in offering such products.

When you’re looking for banned driver insurance it’s important to do whatever you can to minimise your risk level. If you have been banned for a drink driving or drug driving offence, completing a driver rehabilitation course can help to lower your future premiums. You may also want to consider other ways to lower your disqualified driver insurance premiums; such as driving a car in a lower insurance group, driving less miles or increasing your voluntary excess.

The biggest piece of advise when looking for banned driver insurance is to shop around. That’s why we have reached out to the specialists in offering insurance for banned drivers. We have a panel of insurance companies and brokers that we can send your application to so that they can all send their lowest quote directly to you. You’ll get the benefit of shopping around, without wasting your own time contacting the companies individually.