Drug driving insurance

Car Insurance For Drug Driving Convictions

If you have been caught driving whilst deemed unfit through taking drugs. you may struggle to find car insurance in the future. As with most serious driving offences, a lot of car insurance companies feel that somebody with a drug driving related conviction is too high risk to cover. Other insurers will be willing to offer cover but it is not uncommon for premiums to double once you have a drug driving conviction.

Drug driving convictions are relatively new and compared to drink driving offences are quite uncommon at present. The authorities are really starting to clamp down on people who drive whist on drugs, and it’s not just illegal substances that can land you in trouble. Some over the counter and prescription drugs can lead to drug driving convictions, so it’s very important to check with a doctor that you are safe to drive when taking any medication.

If you are stopped by the police and they have reason to believe that you are unfit to be driving through drugs they can carry out a “field impairment test” similar to the American style drink driving test we’ve all seen on TV. This test can include asking you to walk in a straight line or looking at how big your pupils are. If the police feel that you need further assessment you can be arrested and taken to the police station for a blood test.

Finding Cheap Insurance For Drug Driving Convictions

It’s common practise to compare car insurance quotes these days and it is especially important to shop around if you are looking for drug driving insurance. Research has shown that with a drug driving conviction on your record, you could see increases of up over 100% on your insurance quotes.

As with most niche markets there are specialist insurance companies that offer drug driving insurance for most situations but finding a reasonable price can often be time consuming and stressful.

We’re able to bring the cheapest quotes to you. By completing our simple quote form we will submit your details to the top insurance companies and brokers in the convicted insurance market. Once they have your details they will be able to contact you with their cheapest drug driving insurance quotes.

Drug Driver Insurance & Conviction Codes

When you’re looking for insurance for convicted drug drivers it is important to disclose the correct conviction that your license has been endorsed with. There are two main convictions that are handed out as a result of drug driving:

DR80 – Driving or attempting to drive whilst unfit through drugs. The conviction codes for drug driving carry the same penalties as those for drink driving. The DR80 carries a hefty penalty in the form of at least a 12 month driving ban, up to a £5,000 fine and a possible 6 month prison sentence.

DR90 – Being in charge of a vehicle whilst unfit through drugs. DR90 carries the exact same penalties as the DR80 conviction above.

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