Seized car insurance

Impounded Car Insurance

If your car has been seized by the police you will need special insurance for an impounded car to release it from the storage compound.

Police in the UK have the authority to immediately seize vehicles at the roadside and take them to a designated police storage unit, where they will be securely stored until you present the required documents and pay the release and storage fees.

There are several scenarios that can lead to your vehicle being impounded. Under section 165a of the Road Traffic Act (1988) the police can seize your car if:

  • it is being driven dangerously or carelessly
  • the driver does not have a valid insurance policy or driver’s license
  • the vehicle is not taxed
  • the vehicle is not roadworthy or has no valid MOT certificate
  • it is parked illegally or is abandoned

What Happens Once My Car Is Seized?

Once the police have notified you of the seizure, you will be presented with a “seizure notice”. The notice will explain the reason for the seizure and where the vehicle will be taken to an approved secure police compound for storage. Your car will then be moved to the compound. It will either be driven by an officer with the authority to do so, or transported on the back of a recovery vehicle.

You will only have a limited time, usually 14 days, to collect your vehicle. If you do not collect it within this time frame your car will either be scrapped or sold off at auction.

Things You’ll Need To Collect Your Impounded Car

To collect you will need to attend the police station that has been elected on your seizure notice. You will have to take the seizure notice to the police station so that it can be stamped. You can then attend the compound to collect your car, but you will need several very important documents with you to be able to leave with your car.

The first step is proving that you are the owner of the vehicle. You will need to take your log book (V5) or a bill of sale to show that the impounded car belongs to you. You will also need to take both parts of your driver’s license with you and a valid certificate of impounded car insurance.

Car insurance companies will generally ask if the vehicle is impounded. If the answer is “yes” then they will, in most cases, refuse cover. There are not many companies that offer insurance for impounded cars and finding an affordable policy can be very difficult.

Finally once the staff at the compound are happy with your documents, you will have to pay the release fee of £200 plus £20 for every day the vehicle was stored on their premises.

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