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A recent study has shown that company directors and engineers are the two professions most likely to be convicted of driving offences. Company directors are among the most likely to requrie convicted driver insurance policies. If you work as a nursery worker then you are much less likely to have driving convictions.

The research, carried out by, has taken statistics from over 6 million car insurance quotes. Occupations were ranked by the number of drivers in that profession that had a recent driving conviction.

According to the data, oil rig engineers are the worst drivers, with at least one in five having one or more driving convictions. This means that this profession is more than twice as likely as the national average to need convicted driver insurance quotes.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, the drivers least likely to receive motoring convictions are Actuaries, Packers, Nursery Assistants and Dinner Assistants.

Statistically school workers are much less likely to be convicted for driving offences as many of these proffessions have lower conviction rates than the national average.

By being convicted of a driving offence, you are not only putting yourself or others at risk, there is also a large financial impact. Examples have shown that one single speeding conviction can add over £70 to your car insurance premium. Having a second speeding conviction can add almost £120 to the average policy. can help to keep the cost of insurance for convicted drivers as low as possible. If you have driving convictions and need to find the cheapest car insurance available, contact us today.