A recent conviction has highlighted just how seriously Britain’s police are taking drink driving.

23 year old Nottinghamshire student Jordan Richmond has been banned from driving and handed a drink driving conviction after he was caught at just 1mg over the legal limit.

It is reported that the driver had drank just two thirds of a pint in pub in Watnall town centre on December 13th of last year.

breathalyser - drink drivingOn his way home the young motorist crashed after he had lost control of his vehicle in icy conditions. He got out of his car and phoned the emergency services after putting on his hazard lights.

He was taken to hospital where a blood test revealed that he had 81mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood – just 1mg over the legal blood alcohol limit for driving.

His case was passed on to Magistrates court where he pleaded guilty to driving above the legal limit. As a result Magistrates handed the student a drink driving conviction and a 12 month driving ban. He was also fined £250 for his offence.

Convictions and fines handed out by the courts are not be the only punishment that drink drivers face. Convicted drivers may also face problems with their employer, especially if they need to drive for their job.

It can be a struggle to find car insurance for convicted drivers. Because drink driving is a serious offence, drink driver insurance can also be very costly.

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