According to a recent survey, 86% of motorists in the UK agree that convicted drivers should have to have a “warning sticker” on their vehicle to warn fellow road users.

The survey revealed that the majority of motorists agree that a driver with convictions should have to display some form of sticker to warn other drivers that they may pose a potential threat to them.

Most people agreed that they should be able to see if the driver in front of them has been convicted of speeding, driving dangerously or driving whilst unfit through drink or drugs.

Warning sign for convicted drivers?Although this survey appears to have been carried out somewhat “tongue in cheek”, we do not agree that drivers should have to display openly that they have been convicted for an offence.

The punishments that a driver will receive for an offence don’t simply stop with their conviction, driving ban or fines; convicted drivers often face years of higher insurance premiums.

It can be quite hard to find car insurance for convicted drivers because most insurance providers are hesitant to offer cover to somebody that they perceive as more likely to claim on their policy in the future.

Convicted driver insurance is also often very expensive, with some convictions causing premiums to more than double.

Here at Convicted Insurance, we firmly believe that people should not be persecuted or exploited financially for mistakes that they have made in the past. Adding a warning to vehicles driven by people with driving convictions could cause a lot of problems, including the possibility of vigilantes acting against people who have committed more serious driving convictions such as drink or drug driving.