Statistics from recent research carried out by uSwitch show that up to 6 in 10 people could unknowingly be using our roads with an invalid insurance policy, meaning that they are not covered whilst driving.

 An estimated 60% of motorists are driving their cars without a valid car insurance policy in place. Their insurance policies are likely invalid because they have not updated their insurance provider that their job role or occupation has changed.

If you’ve had a promotion, moved into another department or had a change of career you must notify your insurer. If you don’t update your car insurance provider that your job title has changed, your policy may be voided; this means that if you have to make a claim on your insurance policy, it could be refused.

car insurance claim

When insurance companies calculate your premium they take many factors into consideration. Statistically people that work in certain job roles or industries are more likely to make a claim on their car insurance. Because your job title is one of the details that effects how much you pay for your insurance policy it’s important for insurers to know when you change jobs.

When asked, over 60% of drivers who had changed job roles had not updated their insurer. Around 40% of people were not aware that this would mean that their car insurance is no longer valid.

The consequences for driving without a valid car insurance policy are very hefty. A fixed penalty notice and 6 penalty points on your license is standard if you are caught driving a vehicle that you are not insured to. Your license will also be endorsed with an IN10 conviction.

In extreme cases you could have your car seized by the police meaning that you would have to pay heavy fees in order to release your car from the compound. You would also have to present a certificate of impounded car insurance to the staff at the compound to be able to get your car back.

Although the initial penalties and associated financial implications are high, the lasting impact can be even worse. Once you have a motoring conviction you will need to declare this when applying for future car insurance. It’s likely that some providers will outright refuse to offer convicted driver insurance to you; companies that do offer insurance for convicted drivers are likely to charge you much more than you would have previously paid.

The uSwitch survey also revealed that some drivers are put off updating their job title with their insurer because of high administration fees that some companies charge. If you want to amend your details on your insurance policy the average fee is around £22 but some are as high as £50.

It was clear that the majority of people asked thought it was unfair that their insurer would charge an administration fee for such a small amendment to their policy. uSwitch are now compaigning for insurance firms to offer full transparency about any additional fees. They also want to see excessive fees for small changes disappear.