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Drivers that regularly use their car in bad weather conditions, such as in the rain or snow, could see their insurance premium increase thanks to telematics technology.

Driving in bad weather

Telematics devices, also known as a “black box”, are becoming increasingly common in the car insurance industry. The devices are installed into cars to enable insurance firms to track driving habits.

Data about the way the driver brakes, accelerates and the speed they drive at are all recorded and the information is used to determine whether or not they are a safe driver. Other factors are considered such as driving times, journey lengths and location that the car is being used.

If you are deemed to be a safe driver by the insurance provider you can receive a substantial discount (usually up to around 30%) off your car insurance premium.

Telematics devices are capable of recording a vast array of data and insurers are constantly taking more risk factors into consideration.

America’s version of the Met Office, The Weather Company, have recently partnered with Octo who are the biggest provider of telematics devices for use in cars. Octo’s app can now use data provided by The Weather Company to record the weather conditions during a driver’s journey.

Statistics show that it is more likely that you will have an accident in rainy, snowy or icy conditions. Therefore drivers that often take their car out in bad weather would fail to reach top marks for safety on their insurance provider’s scale and would lose out on potential discounts.

Drivers that are looking for insurance with past convictions may find that black box insurance policies are a cheaper option for them. Insurance firms that can monitor your driving habits may be more likely to offer insurance for convicted drivers.

It has been estimated that over a third of car insurance providers will be using telematics devices by 2020.

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