Getting the best convicted driver insurance deal in a market where there is no negotiation

Car insurance seems to be getting more expensive every year. With the dramatic rise in vehicles per household, less money going into roads and infrastructure, and the flagging economy left behind by the credit crunch – it is nothing short of a miracle to grab a good deal!

Just a few years ago you could use comparison websites to narrow down some affordable options, then call up the top three up and play them against each other to drum up the best possible deal. Today, however, you are not able to negotiate at all! You would be very lucky indeed to find a reasonable new quote from a decent company offering you a competitive insurance package at an affordable price.

This recent shift in climate has changed the old approaches to ‘shopping around’ for the best quotes. It’s now more important to understand exactly what goes into car insurers algorithms to get the best deal from the off.

There are many factors that move the scales and tip the balance for your car insurance quote. A slight title change in your employment, a few more or less annual miles, or a generous willingness to take on an inordinate amount of voluntary access – will all contribute towards your final quote. The most dramatic game changer however is convictions.

Will I still be able to find cheap car insurance with convictions?

Getting insurance for convicted drivers can be a nightmare. Starting with standard motoring convictions, anything from an SP20 statutory speeding conviction to a UT50 aggregated vehicle theft or an MS50 street racing offence will – at best – skyrocket your quote as a motorist! Motoring offences, in the eyes of insurers, make you a liability and a danger to other road users and pedestrians – making them unlikely to offer you competitive convicted driver insurance.

What about insurance for drivers with convictions outside of the motoring world – criminal convictions that have no bearing whatsoever on driving? Any criminal conviction will either drastically increase your premium or make it very difficult for you to find a criminal conviction insurance policy. What’s likely to happen is that the insurer will simply say no, as many standard insurance companies do not offer car insurance for people with criminal convictions. There are very few companies now that will offer decent rates if you have any conviction at all.

The fact is that drivers with convictions are statistically more likely to be involved in an accident or collision, and numbers are king in the insurance world.

There are still ways to find cheap insurance for convicted drivers

There is no black and white when it comes to drivers with convictions. We know this is not a perfect world and we’re not here to pass judgement, point fingers or punish you for your past. A conviction that you have paid the price for should not mean you can’t afford to drive.

Insurance for convicted drivers available. So while it might take more effort than previously experienced, it’s still possible to find a good deal.

There are specific and specialist insurance companies that will work with convicted drivers, however there may be additional terms and conditions to agree to, and as you’d expect, they can also be more expensive.

Working with standard companies that offer quotes can still provide convicted drivers with cheaper options. Lowering mileage, increasing excess, or even installing a black box device into your car will bring those quotes down.

Convicted driver insurance is available, you just need to know where to look to find it without paying more than you have to.