Recent research figures have revealed that a shocking 10% of parents have admitted to committing a type of insurance fraud known as “fronting”.

Fronting involves lying to the insurance provider saying that a parent ise the main driver of their son or daughters car in order to reduce their child’s car insurance premium. It is generally carried out by parents of new young drivers who tend to see the highest insurance costs.

The research, carried out by Co-operative Insurance, estimates that around 100,000 parents are currently fronting insurance policies for their children.

On average the saving made by adding a parent to the policy and naming them as the main driver was around £300. If the parent is not the main driver, declaring them as such is considered fraud and can carry serious financial implications and could even make it difficult for you to find a car insurance provider in the future.

If you receive an IN10 conviction for driving without valid insurance, finding cover in the future may be difficult as not many providers will offer IN10 insurance policies. Some specialist convicted driver insurance companies can help but it is highly likely that the cost of your insurance will rise.

If your insurance provider finds out that you have committed fraud then your policy could be invalid and you could be prosecuted for driving without car insurance, which usually carries a hefty fine and up to 6 penalty points. As new drivers are only allowed to accumulate 6 penalty points in their first year of driving, the child could potentially lose their driver’s license as a result of fronting.

Over 80% of the people that answered the survey knew it was technically illegal but were still prepared to take the risks in order to help their children reduce their car insurance costs.

The majority of fronting takes place for children aged 17-19 as they are often hit with the highest insurance premiums due to their inexperience as drivers.

There are smarter ways to reduce the cost of car insurance for young drivers. Telematics devices are becoming increasingly popular; a device is fitted to your car so that your insurer can monitor your driving habits. Avoiding high powered vehicles and customizing your car can also help to keep costs lower. The cost of being caught committing insurance fraud far outweighs any saving you may make from fronting. are here to find insurance for convicted drivers. If you have received a motoring conviction and are struggling to find cheap cover, complete our quote form today and we will send your details to a specially selected panel of convicted driver insurance providers.