TT99 Insurance

In the UK you are able to accumulate up to 12 penalty points on your driver’s license for motoring offences committed. If you receive 12 or more penalty points within a three year period, you may be disqualified from driving and penalised for what is known as the “totting up” conviction.

The totting up system means that if you have a total of 12 penalty points over any 3 year period, you will receive a TT99 conviction and be banned from driving for at least 6 months. The length of the driving ban that you receive varies depending on whether it is the first disqualification you have received.

If you are being banned from driving for the first time due to a TT99 conviction, you will receive a 6 month minimum disqualification. If it’s the second time that you’re being banned from driving, the length of the ban will increase to 12 months. For anyone who already has 2 or more previous driving bans, being convicted of a TT99 offence will result in a 2 year driving ban.

Finding Cheap TT99 Insurance

A  TT99 conviction must remain on your license for a 4 year period. This means that you are legally obliged to disclose your TT99 conviction to insurance companies when making an application.

Once you have served your driving ban, finding TT99 car insurance can be a real struggle. A lot of car insurance companies will see an applicant with a TT99 conviction as a high risk driver, that is more likely to make a claim on their policy or be involved in an accident. A TT99 is seen as especially serious. This is because it signifies that you have had several driving convictions in a relatively short period of time and have subsequently been disqualified.

As a result of these added risks that insurers take into consideration, it is not unheard of for TT99 insurance to cost more than twice as much as a matching policy for somebody without any convictions.

Car Insurance After A Totting Up Conviction

With totting up offences being quite common, there is demand for cheap tt99 insurance policies. Fortunately, this means that there are some companies out there that strive to offer the lowest cost policies for people with totting up convictions on their record.

If you are looking for TT99 insurance then complete our quote form today and we will arrange for several companies that specialise in convicted driver insurance to contact you direct with their lowest quotes.